The Community Response Foundation of Western Pennsylvania (CRFWPA) provides assistance in the form of additively manufactured personal protective equipment and other assistance to communities affected by pandemic disease.
We are currently donating PPE face shields to essential workers in Western Pennsylvania.

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The Community Response Foundation of Western Pennsylvania (CRFWPA) provide personal protective equipment and other assistance to communities affected by the pandemic disease. We are currently donating PPE face shields to essential workers in Western Pennsylvania. Please consider a contribution because its important for all of us to protect first-line responders and their families. Thank you!

Directors & Officers

Christopher M. Hearsey
Executive Director

Christopher M. Hearsey serves as Chair of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of CRFWPA. Chris is a small business owner in Mercer County and has been an aerospace executive for over ten years. Chris graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in 2006.

Becky Muha

Rebecca J. Muha is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of CRFWPA. Rebecca is a teacher with Mercer County Head Start. She is a 2010 graduate of Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA and a 2006 graduate of Mars Area High School, Mars, PA.

Gary Hlusko

Gary Hlusko serves as Secretary of CRFWPA and works as a Growth Data Analyst at Roadbotics. He graduated from Mercer County in 2008 from Lakeview High School. He continued his education at Washington & Jefferson College graduating with a degree in economics in 2013. Gary founded his small business Gridtech in Mercer County.

Chris Tkach
Production Manager

Chris Tkach serves as Production Manager for CRFWPA and is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Upon his return to the US from service in Iraq, he spent nearly a decade serving as a firefighter and emergency medical technician. Chris received his education from the Ohio State University College of Engineering. Chris also founded his small additive manufacturing business Setec Astronomy Technologies in Mercer County.

Noelle Foor
Production Assistant/Packaging Manager

Noelle Foor received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Forensics from Franklin University and serves on the Board of Directors of CRFWPA. Noelle currently works in Anti-Money Laundering investigations/FIU in the banking sector.

Shawn Case
Social Media Manager

Shawn Case serves as the the Social Media Manager for CRFWPA. Shawn is the Founder and Chair of Enterprise in Space, a nonprofit organization to put the first spacecraft into orbit bearing the name Enterprise as a STEAM program. Shawn has experience as a health advocate and has been active with health care professionals for over 15 years.

Board of Advisors

Maurice A. Ramirez

Dr. Ramirez is the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Disaster Medicine for his contributions to healthcare security and disaster medical response worldwide. Board certified in nine specialties, he is a former Senior Physician/Federal Medical Officer, Emergency Room Doctor, Disaster Medicine Specialist, Bioterrorism/Hazmat expert, and Founding Chairperson of the American Board of Disaster Medicine. Total permanent disability removed Dr. Ramirez from practice in 2012 but he continues to serve the disaster medicine field as Emeritus Medical Director of the High Alert Institute, Inc (a 501c3 disaster preparedness Not-For-Profit). In this position, he continues to influence disaster healthcare science, policy and procedure and co-authored the Call for Ventilation & Social Determinants of Health Standards Post-COVID-19.

Allison A. Sakara

Ms. Sakara is President of two women-owned consulting firms - Renaissance Worldwide Solutions, LLC and Medical & Regulatory Affairs Specialists, LLC. She also is a partner in Natural Air E-Controls, a company dedicated to improving indoor air quality. In 2005, Ms. Sakara was recognized as a Distinguished Member of the Year by the National Disaster Medical System. She provides expertise on Disaster and Pandemic preparedness for hospitals, businesses, and educational organizations as Executive Director of the High Alert Institute, Inc. With the Institute, Ms. Sakara has worked to establish efficacy and safety parameters for COVID-19 pneumonia treatments and clinical study, as well as co-authoring their position statement for an Essential Workers Bill of Rights.

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